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5 Rehabilitation Exercises for Your Sprained Ankle - KneeRover

5 Rehabilitation Exercises for Your Sprained Ankle

The first step to recovering from nasty ankle sprains is always rest and recovery. Doctors advise liberal application of ice, compression and constant elevation to promote healing and reduce inflammation. The KneeRover® is a great tool for ensuring you stay mobile, and prevent any weight falling on your damaged ankle.

But as your recovery continues, it’s critical that you undertake some light exercise to ensure your ankle heals completely, and doesn’t get injured again.

Resistance Exercises

Up and Down

At the very early stages of your recovery -- when your ankle is still being iced constantly and you’re still making heavy use of your KneeRover® – you don’t want to injure your ankle by attempting any sidewards motions. At this point you want to maintain strength in the calf and muscles, while promoting healthy circulation to the ankle.

Start by pulling the foot up slowly as far back as it will go without causing pain, hold for a couple of seconds, then release.

Now push your toe down and point it away from you as far as it will go without triggering discomfort, once again hold for a few seconds, then release. 2 sets of 20 reps should be more than enough to get you started.


Once pain is reduced and healing is well on its way, you can begin to lightly stress the damaged ligaments.

Using a resistance band, tie the ends of the band around the outside of your ankle. Start with your foot in a relaxed position, then slowly move it downwards and in. Hold this position for a few seconds and then return to a relaxed position. Repeat 10 times.

Using a resistance band secure the ends around the inside of your ankle. Hold your foot in a relaxed position, push upwards and out, hold for a few seconds, and then return to a relaxed position. Once again, repeat 10 times.

Balance Exercises

Once you can walk pain-free and you’re no longer using your knee scooter, you can start to incorporate balance exercises into your rehabilitation.

Make sure that you’re in a clear unobstructed area. Place a pillow on the ground, and place your sprained foot on top of it pressed down. Lift your other leg up, place your arms out to the side and, balance for as long as you can. Record the length of time, and then repeat 4 more times. This exercise should be performed once a day, with improving results’ and twice a day once you begin to notice marked improvements.