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About Us

We are passionate about giving you the Freedom to Move during your recovery period.  We are committed to providing innovative and affordable mobility solutions to get you moving as soon as possible after injury or surgery and for the duration of your recovery – free to go about your busy, active life – and have a little fun doing it!  We are all about leaving the painful crutches behind and giving you the Freedom to Move.


We Are Driven to Change Your Outcome!


After suffering an injury to and/or recovering from knee, lower leg, ankle, or foot surgery, typically you’d be sentenced to several weeks or longer of non-weight bearing misery on crutches.  With the introduction of KneeRover® knee walkers and knee scooters, you now have the ability to Change Your Outcome – experiencing life on your terms rather than being limited by crutches.

Being sentenced to crutches makes normal everyday activities painful, dangerous, and in many cases impossible.  KneeRover® products enable you to safely get back in action – at home, at work and recreationally.  There are many things KneeRover® products make it easy to do that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish with crutches:


  • Carry your breakfast or coffee to the table
  • Work standing up with 2 hands free
  • Walk the dog
  • Shop at the mall
  • Prepare dinner & clean the house
  • Keep up with your children
  • Go on a dream vacation with lots of walking                                  
  • Walk down the aisle
  • Have fun at a park – off road


We offer the broadest selection and most innovative Knee Walkers & Knee Scooters:

Today the KneeRover® brand offers 46 unique, durable and proven mobility solutions of varying colors, styles and sizes – the most extensive offering in the industry! This comprehensive range of mobility solutions is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers of varying sizes, ages and needs.

We have expanded our offering significantly in the recent past bringing more mobility solutions to the market.  This has enabled us to provide a wider range of patients the FREEDOM TO MOVE and the ability to get back to leading a productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

Our new product innovations are developed based on excellent feedback/suggestions from our customer base.  We are proud that these innovations continue to be met with rave reviews, and also that they represent a number of industry firsts:

Your satisfaction is our top priority:
  • Convenient toll free Customer Service Hotline:
    1-877-737-9877 (M-F 9am to 5pm EST) 
  • Personal assistance in choosing the right knee
    walker or scooter for your needs
  • Next day shipping on most orders
  • Free standard shipping on ALL orders
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee  


We are proud to be part of the Rover Mobility family.