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The Ultimate Guide to Crutches and Crutch Alternatives - KneeRover

The Ultimate Guide to Crutches and Crutch Alternatives

The Ultimate Guide on Crutches

It is a well-known fact that leg injuries are probably the most difficult to treat to perfection, this is partly due to the intricate muscle and tissues present in our legs and due to the fact that we use are legs on a constant basis. This is exactly why it is imperative that every individual who has succumbed to a leg injury utilizes crutches or other alternatives to shift their body from the injured leg to the upper body region. However, many people do not understand the true value of crutches and often tend to aggravate their injuries by not balancing their body appropriately. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of injuries that simply cannot heal without the proper use of crutches or other alternative devices like knee walkers and knee scooters. These injuries are listed below,

Ankle sprains

The most common injury that plagues people are ankle sprains, this normally happens when the ligaments present in the ankle are torn. 

Broken Ankle

A broken ankle is another injury that will require the assistance of crutches or crutch alternatives like knee walkers or knee scooters for expedited recovery.

Broken Foot

Every patient with a broken foot can simply not embark on the road of recovery without a cast and crutches or crutch alternatives like knee walkers or knee scooters.

Lower extremity injury

These are a versatile category of lower leg injuries that include hamstring strains, shin splints and knee contusions.

Different crutches available

This list is just a glimpse of different injuries that require the assistance of crutches for effective recovery, currently there is an array of different crutches available on the market. These include crutches for kids and different crutches that are specifically designed for different injuries. Some of the most profound crutches that are available in the market today are mentioned below:

Axillary crutch

Forearm crutch

Platform crutch

Strutter crutch

Leg support crutches

Crutch alternatives

Even though the medical applications of crutches are endless, they still have their own set of drawbacks. Firstly how to people maneuver themselves in difficult conditions such as dirt trails, gravel or grass? This is where the KneeRover can step in to help people recover from their injuries without sacrificing their lifestyle in any way.  These knee walkers include a thick contoured knee platform which can be adjusted, it also includes a double bar system and ergonomic rubber hand grips.

So if you are currently on the receiving end of any disabling injury, consider KneeRover as the immediate solution to all of your problems. You will not have to awkwardly shuffle around with crutches, and you will not have to worry about difficult terrain either. The KneeRover will allow you to be achieve maximum mobility, while at the same time ensuring that your body gets all the support that it needs in order to recover. Remember, you don’t need a crutch when you have something better. The KneeRover will allow you to go to parks, to stroll around with your friends, and much more.