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Move over Crutches: The KneeRover JR is here! - KneeRover

Move over Crutches: The KneeRover JR is here!

Crutches have always been the foremost choice for patients that have either long term or short term disabling injuries. These crutches help shift the body weight from the injured leg to the upper body region and provide an expedited route of recovery to patients all around the world. Even though the applications of crutches are endless, they do have certain drawbacks. Some of the most prominent drawbacks of crutches are mentioned below,

  • Low levels of comfort
  • Reduces mobility by a substantial margin
  • Could cause Axillary nerve damage
  • Does not provide any stability on rough surfaces
  • Probability of the patient falling are high

At the same time it would be unfair to pay tribute to the fact that crutches have helped so many lives, these crutches have forever cemented their position in the market as one of a versatile innovation. However the time has come for the world to say goodbye to crutches as the Knee Rover JR is here. This unique device has specifically been designed for patients that have suffered disabling injuries; it offers an expedited recovery in a fun and interactive manner. The idea behind this device is to help patients live their lives to their fullest and move around with immense comfort, even though an injury might be holding them back.

The Knee Rover JR Let’s Kids Act Like Kids Again

An adult can easily understand the severity of their situation and dealing with the drawbacks of crutches might be easy for them, but for children this is a whole different story. We at KneeRover have brilliantly engineered a device that will help children recover from their injuries by giving them the freedom to move on any type of terrain. The KneeRoverJr. is perfect for disabling injuries such as a kid’s broken foot, a kid’s broken ankle and even for more serious injuries such as pediatric leg injuries. So if you or your little one has recently unfortunately succumbed to a disabling injury, consider the knee rover as the most effective crutch alternative. Just because of an injury it does not mean that you should be deprived of what life has to offer!