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Ankle Fractures- Symptoms, Treatments and Recovery with the KneeRover - KneeRover

Ankle Fractures- Symptoms, Treatments and Recovery with the KneeRover

What is an Ankle Fracture?

It is important to know that an ankle is not a bone but a joint made of three bones called Tibia, Fibula and Talus. When one or more of these break, you have a broken ankle otherwise called an ankle fracture.

These breakages or fractures could be one of the three bones or multiple bones which defines how severe your ankle fracture is. Broken ankles may also sometimes involve damage to ligaments (tissues that hold joints). Either or both of the two joints called Ankle joint (where the three joints connect) or Syndesmosis Joint (where Tibia and Fibula are held) may be involved in a fracture.

A fracture may be caused by:

Any Twists, rotating or rolling of your ankle (during physical activity like sports)

Getting tripped or falling, or

Impacts of a car or traffic accident

What are its Symptoms or signs?

Because both, a sprain and a fracture cause terrible pain, the symptoms are important to know to establish that you have an ankle fracture.

When it’s broken, an ankle swells. There could also be bruises. There is immediate and intense pain in that case. Also, a broken ankle feels tender to touch and you shall not be able to put weight on your foot. A fracture led dislocation of the joints may also cause your ankle to appear deformed.

What are the Treatments?

Physicians conduct image and stress tests in order to determine the kind of treatment required. X Rays, CT scan or MRI scan may be conducted to analyze the position of the ankle while physical stress tests depict the stability of the ankle. This determines whether you require ankle surgery or any non surgical treatment.

Surgical treatment involves detailed standard medical procedures which reposition the bones and then holds them with the use of screws or if necessary metal plates and rods depending on the bones involved.

Non surgical treatment (if the ankle is stable) involves putting high top shoes or (plaster) casts on the foot to support recovery. Regular tests during ankle fracture recovery provide perpetual details on the period of healing further needed.

What about Recovery?

During ankle fracture recovery short term pain reliefs are provided by prescribed medication. Ankle fracture rehabilitation is the key to recovery. This consists of light to stress exercises to restore the movement of your foot and the strength of muscles around them. During this recovery there is a certain non weight bearing period when you are disallowed to put weight on your injured foot.

To support mobility and activity during this period, there is now a better support device than crutches called knee walker or knee scooter. Like a tricycle it consists of three wheels and a handle with a comfortable padded seat to rest your bent leg.

The Knee Rover

The Knee Rover is a great medical innovation that is an alternative to crutches. It is the safest and easiest method to allow people with broken ankles to move freely. The KneeRover Knee Scooters offer a wide range of Knee Walkers from pediatric, petite, all terrain and classic models to aid in ankle fracture recovery.