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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Knee Walker - KneeRover

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Knee Walker

Knee walkers provide the perfect compromise between comfort and mobility. These All-Terrain scooters provide a mobility solution that will make your recovery from ankle, foot or lower leg injury far less frustrating.

Chances are if you’re experiencing the long-term effects of a fracture, tear or sprain, then you’ve already looked into the possibility of getting a KneeRover® of your own. But with such a range of options available, which one is best for you? Here are some considerations to take into account.

Body Type

Depending on your height and weight difference, knee walkers will suit your frame best. For adults, we’d definitely recommend one of our larger models with greater weight bearing capacities, and higher ranges for the adjustable seating.

Both the Knee Cycle and the Steerable Knee Scooter can handle weights of up to 300 lbs, and the knee pads can be adjusted for heights up to 2 feet. If you’re looking for practical all-around use these are great mobility solutions.

For children and those with smaller frames, the Knee Walker Junior and the KneeRover® JR. All Terrain Knee Walker are both well suited to the weight and height requirements of either one.


There are a few features that can really add ease and comfort to your KneeRover®  experience. If you’re headed to the grocery store, or if you just need to carry around objects on a daily basis. Then we’d definitely recommend one of our basket equipped models, such as the Deluxe Knee Cycle or the Hybrid All Terrain Knee Scooter.

For a smooth ride, four wheels are always better than three so we’d advise one of the many stable four wheeled steerable knee scooters that we have in stock. If you’re looking to stay sitting down we even have a steerable seated scooter to allow you to get around in utmost comfort.

Activity Levels

If you need a KneeRover for everyday usage; chores, grocery shopping and the daily commute then one of our practical indoor + light outdoor a KneeRover®  will do the job admirably. However if you’re someone who likes to stay fit and active, then one of our 4 All Terrain KneeRover® will prove a good fit. Unlike other knee walkers, made for only flat surfaces these KneeRover® will roll over grass, gravel, dirt and any other kind of terrain you can name.